Minter has built-in support for multisignature wallets. Multisignatures, or technically Accountable Subgroup Multisignatures (ASM), are signature schemes which enable any subgroup of a set of signers to sign any message, and reveal to the verifier exactly who the signers were.

Suppose the set of signers is of size n. If we validate a signature if any subgroup of size k signs a message, this becomes what is commonly reffered to as a k of n multisig in Bitcoin.

Minter Multisig Wallets has 2 main goals:
  • Atomic swaps with sidechains
  • Basic usage to manage funds within Minter Blockchain

Structure of multisig wallet

Each multisig wallet has:
  • Set of signers with corresponding weights
  • Threshold

Transactions from multisig wallets are proceed identically to the K of N multisig in Bitcoin, except the multisig fails if the sum of the weights of signatures is less than the threshold.

How to create multisig wallet


How to use multisig wallet