Minter Check

Minter Check is like an ordinary bank check. Each user of network can issue check with any amount of coins and pass it to another person. Receiver will be able to cash a check from arbitrary account.


Checks are prefixed with “Mc”. Here is example of a Minter Check:

Each Minter Check has:
  • Nonce - unique “id” of the check.
  • Coin Symbol - symbol of coin.
  • Value - amount of coins.
  • Due Block - defines last block height in which the check can be used.
  • Lock - secret to prevent hijacking.
  • Signature - signature of issuer.

Check hijacking protection

Minter Checks are issued offline and do not exist in blockchain before “cashing”. So we decided to use special passphrase to protect checks from hijacking by another person in the moment of activation. Hash of this passphrase is used as private key in ECDSA to prove that sender is the one who owns the check.

TODO: describe algorithm

How to issue a Minter Check

For issuing Minter Check you can use our tool.

You will need to fill a form:
  • Nonce - unique “id” of the check.
  • Coin Symbol - symbol of coin.
  • Value - amount of coins.
  • Pass phrase - secret phrase which you will pass to receiver of the check.
  • Private key - private key of an account with funds to send.

How to cash a Minter Check

To redeem a check user should have:
  • Check itself
  • Secret passphrase

After redeeming balance of user will increased instantly.


There is no commission for issuing a check because it done offline. In the moment of cashing issuer will pay standard “send” commission.